Buy A Seat for The Rex

Historically important and a designated landmark on the Crooked Road, The Rex is the jewel in the crown of the City of Galax. In the midst of a long-needed renovation, The Rex has recently completed work on a new roof and ceiling, the lighting and electrics are being upgraded and the basement is scheduled for a major overhaul. All to enhance the experience of the audiences and artists who call The Rex their home for music, drama, dance and more!

You can play a role by participating in the "Buy a Seat!" campaign.

Our current seats were purchased over 20 years ago from a theater in Tennessee. They were used then, and now they're all used up! The new seats will be extremely comfortable - and quiet! The current plan is to replace all the current seating on the main level with new seats and move the best of the old seats up to the balcony to maintain the same seating capacity. As a "Buy a Seat" sponsor of a new seat - or a black of seats - you will become part of the history and vibrant future of The Rex and our community. Every time you take a seat at the theater, or walk by as the audience is arriving, you will have the pleasure of knowing your generosity is making it possible for someone else to experience the unique joy of entertainment, understanding, and self-discovery that comes only with the performing arts.

To purchase a seat for the "Buy a Seat!" Campaign, please call the Galax Visitors Center 276-238-8130, visit the Galax Visitors Center or stop by The Rex Theater during operating hours.